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Up to 1 mg high quality DNA

plasmid.com Maxiprep

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Up to 10 mg high quality DNA

plasmid.com Gigaprep

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Up to 4 mg high quality DNA

plasmid.com Megaprep

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The plasmid ninjas have been perfecting DNA production since 1998 and they are ready to help you advance your research today. All plasmid.com preps yield high quality DNA suitable for most applications. Your starter material is transformed into DH5alpha and grown under routine conditions. DNA is isolated and spec analysis is completed for concentration and 260/280 ratio.
Contact us to start your order.
Send an email to orders@plasmid.com or phone +49-(0)761-45636-0 to start your order today. Along with some basic information we only need ≈1µg of starter material and as little as 72 hours to complete production of your DNA.
Ordering from the US?
For our friends in the US, please visit www.plasmid.com, or phone our lab in Fargo (+1 (701) 499-7312). to inquire about our US services and pricing.
Low yielding sample?
Plasmid.com knows that some plasmids require extra care, which is why we offer custom service discounts for superior plasmid optimization. Ask us whether this is right for you.

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You must contact us via phone or email to start an eu.plasmid.com order.
Currently, only orders purchased from and delivered to North America locations are configured for secure online ordering. Please contact our EU lab (ph: +49-(0)761-45636-0, email: orders@plasmid.com) to place an order for your plasmid.com DNA preps. If you would like to see online ordering from EU locations, let us know on our feedback page.

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